Writing, Courage, and the 1918 Flu Pandemic

“I grew up in Argentina, listening to stories from my grandfather coming to Argentina from Spain. He shared that during 1919 after World War 1 (he was born in Spain in 1910), his mother decided to go to Argentina as she had lost a daughter and a son from the Spanish Flu.”

“As he attended school, he knew how to write. He went with his mother and 2 other siblings in a boat from Spain to Argentina and he was paid by individuals to write letters to their loved ones. It brings tears to know how fortunate he was to have an education to write and to have the courage to leave everything behind to start a new life.

My grandfather’s name was Manuel Pedruelo LLamas.”

Story and image contributed by Claudia Bouchard. The picture is of Manuel with several of his grandchildren.

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